Becoming The CEO of Your Home

How to be Happier and Find More Fulfillment as a "Stay at Home Mom" 

Being a full-time Stay at Home Mom seems like the stuff dreams are made of...until it isn't. Being the primary caregiver for children (especially babies and toddlers) is exhausting and overwhelming, and when the reality doesn't match the expectation, it can be extremely difficult.

One of the first steps to finding more joy and fulfillment both in motherhood (the relationship) AND in being a Stay at Home Mom (the job title), is taking the time to recognize the key differences between those two important things!

This workbook on becoming the CEO of your home is going to walk you through doing just that.

You will be able to get clear on your job description, understand why it's important to eliminate and outsource the tasks that drain you most, outline your personalized metrics for success, and establish some work/life boundaries (because YES! Even Stay at Home Moms need work/life boundaries).

I can't wait to see just how much this is going to change your mindset (and life!),

xo, Han

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