I get it. 

As a mom of five young kids, sometimes it feels like "motherhood" during the toddler years is an impossible task. There's always a snack to be made, a face to be washed, and a diaper to be changed. The mother's needs quickly pale in comparison with the seemingly urgent needs of babies and toddlers. "Motherhood" during this stage is simply grueling and overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be, because motherhood actually isn't a list of never ending to-dos or 24/7 caregiving,  

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motherhood is a relationship.

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If you've ever caught yourself thinking that you love your kids you just don't love "motherhood" I have some GREAT news for you, loving your kids IS loving motherhood. (Period.)

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"This has been an awesome [workshop]- I am sad for it to end!" -Amy

"Learning that 'motherhood is a relationship' from Hannah has completely changed my life. I am able to enjoy the time I get to spend with my son so much more now, instead of feeling guilty all the time like I used to!"