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i help women separate the job of caregiving from the relationship of motherhood.

Motherhood doesn't have to feel like a box

I help women EXPAND THE BOX OF MOTHERHOOD so wide it doesn't feel like a box anymore,
 It feels like a relationship.

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Women receive a lot of messages about what motherhood is and what a "good mom" looks like. Culturally, societally, religiously, and socially, there seems to be strict criteria for gold standard of motherhood.

 After finding out I was pregnant with my first baby (surprise!) and instantly breaking down in tears of DREAD, I realized just how much I needed to unpack when it came to my thoughts about motherhood.

6 kids and a global pandemic later, I have figured out how to feel expanded rather than restricted by motherhood and now help other women do the same.

RANT ISH : a weekly podcast hosted by freckledhan full of hot takes, soapboxes, entertaining anecdotes and rants.