I help women REDEFINE
motherhood to feel happier & improve their relationships.

 👋🏻 I'm Han!

The first step in redefining motherhood is separating the RELATIONSHIP from the JOB TITLE. I've created a FREE WORKBOOK to help you do just that.

What if it's not MOTHERHOOD that's causing you to feel like you're constantly in a state of burnout?
What it if it's actually your JOB as a "stay at home mom"? 

Believe it or not, these are NOT the same and separating the two is CRUCIAL.

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do you want the freedom of confidenT decision MAKING

in motherhood?

What if you could confidently take time away from your kids to connect with yourself, your spouse, and/or your friends without feeling like a "bad mom"?

The second step in Redefining Motherhood is understanding that the relationship between you and your kids is only going to be as healthy as you are - mentally and emotionally.

Once you realize YOU are worth investing time in, your kids benefit. Gone are the days of putting our needs last and the needs of everyone else first. If you want to maximize your relationships, you have to remember that you are an integral part of that relationship (even and especially the relationship of motherhood). 

Every time you feel like your kids are holding you back from doing something you desire, you're inadvertently sabotaging your relationship with them! 

Freckledhan's Guide to Confidence in Motherhood will be your BFF in allowing you to show up for your kids and yourself without the burnout or infamous "mom guilt."  

coaching options

We're in this together.

I am so excited to now be offering 1:1 coaching! 

Over the last 6 years I have spent countless hours shifting my mindset and Redefining Motherhood in my own life and now I'm so excited to coach you to do the same.

Redefining Motherhood allows me to avoid burnout, eliminate "mom guilt" and have a relationship with my kids that I cherish and enjoy. 

In our sessions together we will first focus on separating the JOB from the RELATIONSHIP, and then we will move to separating the RELATIONSHIP from your IDENTITY.

I have no doubt that our time together will change your life and the lives of the people you love most for the better. 

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I'm on a mission to

Women receive a lot of messages about what motherhood is and what a "good mom" looks like. Culturally, societally, religiously, and socially, there is no limit to the number of places these thoughts and attitudes can come from. After finding out I was pregnant with my first baby (surprise!) and instantly breaking down in tears of DREAD, I realized just how much I needed to unpack when it came to my thoughts about motherhood.

6 years and 5 kids later I have figured out how to feel expanded rather than restricted by motherhood. In the process I've completely eliminated "mom guilt" from my life and figured out the tools required to help other women do the same!

No matter if you are a full-time Stay at Home Mom, you work outside of the home full-time, or you're somewhere in-between, if you're ready to stop feeling like you can't, shouldn't, or have to do something in order to be a good mom, I'm here to help.

redefine motherhood.