When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby in the spring of 2015, I cried. (And no, it wasn't the good kind.)

Although it seemed like the ideal time for me to be entering the phase of my life entitled "motherhood," I was absolutely dreading it. To me, in order to assume the role of "mother" I would be forced to put all of my goals, dreams and interests aside until my children were grown and I was "allowed" to start living for myself once again. While I always figured that being confined to motherhood would someday be my lot in life, I simply wasn't ready. (*cue the tears* so. many. tears. 🙈)

Over the next six years (and five babies), I made a realization and subsequent mental shift that changed literally everything for me, 

I'm Hannah, but my friends call me Han.

Motherhood is a relationship.

Understanding that motherhood is a relationship has given me the freedom to create a life that best facilitates that relationship, and spoiler: it doesn't require the level of self-sacrificing I assumed it would. Instead it has given me the power to pursue my passions and hobbies GUILT FREE, and help countless other women do the same, all while building a relationship with my five kids that I am proud of.

I believe that being a mother is sacred and does require some level of sacrifice, however, I have come to know for myself that God meant for motherhood to be a means to EXPAND women, not constrict them. Gone are the days of "mother-martyrdom." It's time to redefine what motherhood is and start living in a way that showcases just that: motherhood is a relationship.

If you're feeling stuck, burned out, or simply unhappy in "motherhood" - you've come to the right place, I know exactly how to help you.

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