How to make confident decisions in your relationships without "mom guilt" holding you back

What if you could eliminate "mom guilt"

and in the process allow your relationships to THRIVE?

You may not even realize it, but “mom guilt” is sabotaging your relationship with your kids.

Every time you tell yourself you can’t, shouldn’t, or have to do something in order to be a good mom - you are harboring resentment that is hurting your relationship with your kids.

The longer that resentment grows, the more damage it causes.

The shower you can’t take? The trip you can’t have? The business you can’t start? 

Thinking these thoughts is not only hurting you - it’s also hurting your kids. 

They deserve a mom who is interested in her own life. A mom who loves what she does and loves who she is! A mom who doesn't feel like her children are holding her back or restricting her growth in ANY sense of her life.

Not only do your kids deserve a mom who is free of "mom guilt," you deserve her, too.


Here's the problem...

You want to love motherhood as much as you love your kids, but so many things changed after you became a mom, you’re not sure you even recognize yourself anymore.

You’re starting to feel trapped. Burned out. Resentful. And despite being surrounded by kids all day, you feel so. alone.

You may not even consciously realize the ways that “mom guilt” is hurting you, but the longer it goes the harder it becomes to ignore.

“Mom Guilt” isn’t serving you.


→ If I was a better mom my kids would behave better. 
→ Good moms are better at keeping a clean house than I am. 
→ I wish I could spend more time doing things I enjoy but my kids need me.
→ If I was a better mom I would love being with my kids all day everyday. 
→ Being a mom should be enough for me to feel fulfilled. 

You’re constantly telling
yourself Things like…


Motherhood would start feeling expansive instead of restrictive.

You would give yourself permission to be passionate, creative, and interesting - not for the sake of anyone else, but for you, and only you.

You would see first-hand that when you feel free to fill every measure of yourself - your kids (and all of your other relationships) benefit by default.



You would start making decisions out of desire rather than obligation.

I have something for you...


My guide on making confident decisions in your relationships without "mom guilt" holding you back

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Here's how it breaks down...

  • 20 page guide for transforming your thoughts surrounding motherhood

  •  The RELATE Framework™ -- how to use it, when to use it, and why it works to eliminate "mom guilt"

  • 20+ powerful reframes to dismiss common "mom guilt" triggers

  • Access to a private Facebook group for additional support and where I will post live videos demonstrating the RELATE Framework™ in action

  • Examples of how to reframe constrictive thoughts into expansive thoughts

  • Audio file for listening and learning on-the-go

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hi! I'm freckledhan!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby in the Spring of 2015, immediately it felt like the walls started closing in around me. At only 6 weeks pregnant, I already felt pressure to stop living life for myself and put a pause on all of my goals and dreams for the sake of the "selfless service" I thought was required to be a good mom. To make matters worse, many of my peers felt the need to frequently warn me about the hardships of motherhood throughout the pregnancy, so much so, I felt trapped by motherhood months before my baby was even born. 

6 years and 5 kids later I have figured out something SO important that has changed everything for me. Motherhood is not a job, an identity, or a hobby, motherhood is simply one thing: a relationship

Most of rhetoric surrounding motherhood focuses on the tasks that people associate with caring for babies and small children. Lack of sleep. Inability to shower. Not having the time or energy to do the things you enjoyed before. 

xo, han

While it's true that many women will experience those things at some point as mothers, those things are NOT a requirement of motherhood, and sacrificing showers and sleep for prolonged periods of time is more than likely hurting the relationship a woman has with her child more than helping it.

If someone is feeling trapped, restricted, or resentful in the monotonous tasks of her daily life "for the sake of her children" - is that really the goal? Is that creating the relationship she wants with her children? 

For me, the answer was no. 

Once I understood the definition of motherhood that resonated with me (a relationship), I began making changes in my life and my mindset that allowed me to show up in a way I was excited about -- for the sake of my relationship with my kids.

Redefining motherhood in his way has helped me feel expanded rather than restricted and has strengthened my relationship with my kids. Now I help other women do the same. 

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this guide is for you if...

→ you are a mom or hope to be a mom someday

→you want to feel expanded by motherhood

→you want the tools to make decisions out of what you want rather than what you feel like you "should" or are "supposed" to do 

→you experience feelings of "mom guilt"

→you want to be more aware of the ways "mom guilt" is holding you back

→you want to have a strong relationship with your kids

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